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We follow and adopt the terms of the MDH terms and privacy policies located at https://health.maryland.gov/pages/terms.aspx unless otherwise stated below.


Use of this website, and any other content originally produced by the Garrett County Health Department signifies acceptance of all terms and privacy policies issued on this page.

All content submitted on garrettlearn.org is considered to be in the public domain.  Please do not submit any personal information on this website that would lead to individual identification.  Wherever possible, any concepts, ideas, or designs are also submitted into the public domain so as to promote Public Health and empower communities to connect with their constituents.

Any content published on this website may be utilized for any purpose, and is not considered to be private, or under restricted use.  Please do not submit anything vulgar, or that would otherwise create an unfavorable image for yourself, your organization, or others.  We will make every attempt to archive records of every content submission, which may not be eligible for removal at a later date.

Use of this site is intended for those age 13+ as regulated by the COPPA laws or other applicable governing doctrine.  Anyone under this age must have a parent or guardian provide documentation in compliance and observance of these regulations to participate.

All opinions are those of the original contributor and are not to be recognized as agency or organization statements. Social media is personal in nature, and as such, any opinions may be of professional reference or experience, but do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of associated agencies, organizations, or businesses.

All features of this application are designed to create public data sets licensed under the public domain, GPL v3, or MIT licensing. There are no privacy restrictions on information uploaded or created through this application. Please note that the submission of any record will be publicly visible, and will only be moderated in accordance with our social media policy.

Note that any use of the words public, private, and hidden are used purely for front-end access control, and do not guarantee any degree of privacy. These features are designed to create a safe space for contributors to test theories prior to release, but should not be relied upon as a method to store any sensitive data whatsoever.

Use of this website is entirely optional, and in no way is connected with any personal health information or personally identifiable information maintained by any of our sponsoring agencies.

All records of membership, enrolled courses, quiz scores, etc… are hereby public, and in no way connected to any other information collected by this agency or its partners.

Online safety tip!
Remember, never share any personal information online. Spammers occasionally target popular online communities, just like your email inbox. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. We will never ask for any personal information via email or private message.

All updates to these policies will be posted on this page.

Updated August 19, 2019

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